Wortham FamilyDr. Archie Wortham lives with his wife, Suzan, in a suburb of San Antonio. Retired from the military in 1996, for nine years he wrote a dad's column originally called "Jeremy's Dad," then called "Jeremyles' Dad," named after both his sons. Later he wrote a column for The San Antonio Observer called "Men 2 Fathers." Currently he write for Real Dads network.

A recipient of two George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Outstanding Young Man in America 1985, 85, and 86, he received his Ph.D., from the University of Texas, Austin. His research focused on fathers, and how important they are in the overall growth and success of their children in school. He has taught at twelve different colleges and universities on two continents, and presently is an associate professor of Speech at Northeast Lakeview College in San Antonio, Texas and a member of the Board of Directors of Feel free to email him at

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