Inspirational Material
Stories and other inspirational material I've been forwarded

Date PostedTitleMultimedia
February 19, 2016 'Making a Difference: Her name was Mrs. Yarbrough   
February 13, 2016 Keynote Address: GRIT, Her Name was Mrs. Yarbrough  media
April 11, 2015 'You Are in the Presence of Greatness: WTF   
January 17, 2015 Mentoring: Yours, Mine and Ours  media
June 20, 2012 Finality--Validictory Address at SSTX  media
August 30, 2011 'Eye on the Prize,' PTK Speech at Schreiner U   
April 04, 2011 Noblesse Oblige: A talk about Service   
October 14, 2010 'If you like, you shoulda put a ring on it!'    
May 08, 2010 'Saving a Life...Making A Difference'   
March 26, 2010 'Making a Difference: Give a Blue Ribbon'  media
November 05, 2009 The Paradox of Affluence, or the Susan Boyle in Us   
January 20, 2005 Fatherhood: Valleys & Mountains   
March 26, 2004 Hope for Overwhelmed Dad   
February 19, 2004 'Why We Cannot Forget...What We Need to Remember..   
August 21, 2003 Class Reunion Speech: Making a Difference   
July 31, 2000 Challenging Ideas For Action-Oriented Dads