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Ex Wife Unlawfully Denied AcessReply

I'm sorry to hear of your situation David and the senselessness of being denied your children. Oddly my situation is identical to yours. For years my EX-wife attempted to control my life and denied me access to my children Kyle and Meghan who are now virtually adults. After many years she shows up at the funeral of my father to make a fool of herself in front of her former family. Not only did she take away my children but the last few moments I was allowed to spend with my deceased parent in peace. Since the day she made the choice to keep my children away she could never touch them in my heart and mind. That she could not, does not and will not control. Bottom line former partners need to understand it's over and only my kids are my family. Fellas never under-estimate how rude a person can be and my kids need to know how truly proud I am of them and, that I love them for they have not been told the truth. Leave your door of opportunity open and let your children know you care any way you can despite the circumstances. Fathers need to remember to keep their faith for circumstances might be this way today but does not mean forever.

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