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david jr
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In 1986 my 2 kids were abducted from our then home in London, UK, by their mother, a Canadian citizen, and her boyfriend, a convicted UK drug dealer. The kids were brought here to Toronto by this pair, and the mother and kids have lived here since. I reported the abduction to the London Metropolitan Police, who issued a warrant for the motherís arrest, but refused to seek her extradition, as they are required to do by treaty. They also refused to issue even a warrant for the arrest of the drug dealer. Despite 2 judicial reviews, the UK authorities refused to do their clear duty and seek the motherís extradition.

In 1987, I therefore came to Toronto to fight for custody of the kids. Naturally, I lost the fight. (I am a Canadian citizen, but chose to be educated, to live and to work in the UK because, frankly, Iíve never been able to stomach Canada.)

In 1990, realizing I would never be part of my kidís lives if I stayed in the UK, I moved to Toronto. For 3 years I had access to the kids. Then I found a new partner, and access dried up.

My kids are now both over the age of 21, and we are semi-estranged. After the horrors they were put through during the custody battle, I promised myself that I not would expose them to any further stress on account of their abduction until they reached the age of majority. Since they have now done so, I want to find a way to take the governments of the UK, Ontario, and Canada to the European Court of Human Rights. In the case of the UK government, I want to force them to admit that they had a clear duty to seek the motherís extradition, and to make compensation for their failure to do what treaty law requires of them. In the case of the Ontario government and Federal government, I want to challenge them in such a way that it is made publicly obvious that they acted as accessories to the abduction, which of course they self-evidently did in harboring 2 fugitives and, in effect, imprisoning my kids.

Can anyone recommend a lawyer or agency competent to undertake such actions on my behalf, or to advise me on what steps to take on my own?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.


David Hallam

Posted on 1/13 4:06 PM | IP: Logged

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