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Christian Home Exchange - "An affordable and fun way to travel."Reply

An affordable and fun way to travel.

Want to travel the country or even the world affordably? Do you find that hotel prices and accommodations are too pricey to fit your budget? Would you like to meet other Christians in different regions who know the area and can show you around?

E If this sounds like you, check out the Christian Home Exchange at – it may be just what you’ve been looking for. At Christian Home Exchange, you exchange, rent or lease your home out to other members looking to visit your area and stay in their homes in a different region.

C The concept of Home Exchange and Hospitality is just hitting America but has been around in Europe for several years now. Our website provides you with the ability to search listings throughout America, Europe, and Canada to find other members who want to trade homes with you temporarily. In addition, on Christian Home Exchange, members provide one another with local contacts from their church community for you to get in touch with once you’ve arrived at your destination.

H This is a great way to meet new, lifelong friends in various locales around the world and meet their Christian contacts for friendship, fun, and affordable holiday travel. You simply post a photo of your home, a short profile about yourself and where you’d like to go, and then other members can find you. Additionally, you can search the listings of other members to find them.

I Our one-year, unlimited membership fee is only $29.00 (USA), €29.00 (EUR), £21.00 (BPS) and $44.00 (CAD). For this price, you can search unlimited profiles and list and update your own. At Christian Home Exchange, we give you the opportunity to meet other Christians around the world and travel inexpensively. Give it a try!

We look forward to seeing you!

Link: Christian Home Exchange
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